fredag 4 juli 2014

Here we go

So some flower demonstrations were requested. Hope you will enjoy...
Within all courtyards in the cooperative there are some flowerpots, receiving TLC from a few spirits. In my courtyard, I have geraniums in one, just in front of the entrance. I am not the stilistic matching type, but I do fancy this ecletic mix of red, redorange, dark and light pink and varius sorts of geraniums

This pot did not come out as I expected. It was expected to bloom in April.... Third week in April hit us with a snowstorm and since then it has been cold or even colder. I did expect these to die - but suddenly, in the beginning of July they went into bloom. Here you go, starworts in an over exposed Picture, fainty lilac with a darker tone as centre. And they go to sleep everynight, something they are just in the process to do on this Picture, as I did run some snapshots yesterday evening after work.

This is my beloved elderberry tree, with some sage and lavender as company, placed in my part of the courtyard. The flowers could be made to Lovely lemonad, but the ladies living here donot dare to touch them, as they are afraid I would rowl at them. So in the long run I make elderberry lemonad from the berries in the autumn, to bribe my "catsitter"
Besides I cut it down every autumn to around 2 meters, which upsets the "I know best - lady" in the house opposite. She surely had one at her house, and they can get up to 30-40 meters high. No, they cannot not and as the houses are around 10 meters, we are not having 30-40 meter high trees in the courtyard, Three meters from the nearest balcony.

But the flowers surely looks yummie.....

This is my third flowerpot, which also did not come out as expected. The springflowers were absolutely Lovely, but was changed to summer flowers some weeks ago. That green mass in the between are verbenas, supposed to bloom in champagne White and the same terracotta colour as the triplet flowers. But they refuse to bloom. Well, it is finally getting warmer, so let's hope for an improvement

This spot tok it's own decisions - hence it is covered with wildflowers such as Mallows, Oxeye Daisys, and some other inhabitants from the nearby meadow. It looks fantastic Before Midsummer, I have to make a not to my self for next year to take a Picture. But the gypsophila I once planted fights for it's Life among the wilderness

It was a bit windy yesterday evening, so taking Pictures of the Japanese maple was a bit of a challenge, it did not exactly stand up posing. But looking closer at it, it has the cutest Little noses hanging in there

These are not mine, but my neighbours try to Catch up with the competion

This is my budleija or Butterfly bush. It is now Three years old and slowly taking over the complete environement where it stands and is supposed to attract all the butterflies around. Has not happened yet, but as I said, it has been cold. The White bell has planted it self there, it took me some long walks Before I found out where it had emigrated from

The herbal garden, free for everyone to dig into. Parsil in different varieties, dill, Sage, thyme, Rosemary, Coriander, chives, Oregano. The high partly withered one's are garlic. Planted a few cloves Three years ago, they were supposed to harvest for one year. Ha! They are taking over completely

Unfortunately th thyme has stopped blomingn- and next year both this one and the oregano will be cut down to a third, as they take over

This one I have managed to take Control over, the centre piece is a Sibarian Thistle, I will return with more Pictures when it goes into blooming in August. The colour will attract Lynelle

This planting is a sad story, that will need some Heavy restoration work this autumn. But the alliums that bloom in May in Purple are decorative even after blooming

Otherwise it is sad story, being a mixture of my leftover spot and some grand plans from someone that donot live here anymore. Everything from various flowerpots with a chance to survive Winter ended up here and gosh, did they survive? And fighting for space? Need to dig up and spread around a bit.

I cannot find the correct name for this one, litterary translation is cucumberherb - hmmmmm. Planted it as seed in the old herbgarden, it was supposed to be a one year thing, Five years later it is everywhere. Supposed to be good in sallads and decorative when freezed into an icecube. Hmm if that things stare back to me from a gin and tonic, I might consider stop drinking

Have no idea what these are, probably bought them somewhere on an autumn sale. High and rank, thrives next tot he budleija and bumble bees seems to like them

Sage in different versions later on a big bush with clearly red small flowers will add more colour, and the green bush is gypsophila whom in Another week or so will shadow with fragile White flowers in thousands

This is the loughing stock. This is in front of my house and my neighbour's, living beneath me, plantation. He must have been a potatoe farmer in his old Life, he plants potatoes everywhere. He was allowed to setup some planting area on the cooperative's common ground - and hey how much potatoe you can grove there. THe funny thing that he left one box for me and very reluctanlty I planted American Blueberrys there. Why reluctantly? They do turn 1.5 meters high and this is outside his bedroom window, and I donot want to disturb. They look like midgets compared to the potatoe.....

This is next to the potatoeland (and there are some potatoes hiding behind the grass) Sage in mass, and hundreds of bumblebees and bees

The neigbour's wife do get a bit fed up with potatoes (haha) so she has forced a rose into the potato lands. It has not started blooming yet - but when it does.........

The rose on the other side of the potatoes are coming on fine though

unfortunately we were visited by some lower intelligence inhabitants the other night. Painting is on the Schedule this weekend

The very same neighbour is also planting tomatoes. He is slowly Learning though, last year every neighbour had tomatoes on their balconies, this year he managed to restrict to four plants. But what plants..........

He is not that fantastic with flowers though, so the Clematis is struggeling in the shadow

This is Ralf's Lilac, which we had on the balcony. It does not take that much imagínation to why I had to move it outside. One day I must talk to the gentleman living behind that window what he Thinks of being outshadowed by a tree.

So I will be better at taking photos in the future when things are as most fantastic! Now it is football - Go Brazil, go!!

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